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Creating a DIY leather satchel bag is a rewarding project that combines craftsmanship with creativity. Below are the steps to make a basic leather satchel bag:

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There's 11" Leather Satchel Bag PDF Pattern. 

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Materials Needed:
1. Leather (vegetable-tanned is recommended)
2. Leatherworking tools (cutting mat, rotary cutter, utility knife, scissors)
3. Ruler or measuring tape
4. Leather punch
5. Rivets and rivet setter
6. Waxed thread and leather needle
7. Edge beveler and burnisher
8. Leather glue
9. Buckles, snaps, or other closures
10. Paper or cardboard for making patterns


1. Design and Pattern Making
- **Sketch Your Design**: Draw your satchel design on paper, considering the size and shape you want.
- **Create Patterns**: Transfer your design onto paper or cardboard to create patterns for each piece of the bag (front, back, sides, bottom, flap, straps, pockets).

2. Cutting the Leather
- **Trace the Patterns**: Place the patterns on the leather and trace them with a pencil or awl.
- **Cut the Leather**: Use a rotary cutter or utility knife to cut out the leather pieces carefully.

3. Preparing the Pieces
- **Punch Holes**: Mark and punch holes for stitching along the edges of each piece using a leather punch.
- **Edge Finishing**: Bevel the edges with an edge beveler, then burnish them with a burnisher for a smooth finish.

4. Assembling the Bag
- **Glue the Pieces**: Apply leather glue to the edges of the pieces that will be stitched together (e.g., sides to the front and back).
- **Stitch the Pieces**: Use waxed thread and a leather needle to hand-stitch the pieces together using a saddle stitch. Start with the main body and then attach the bottom piece.

5. Adding the Straps and Hardware
- **Cut the Straps**: Measure and cut the straps to your desired length.
- **Attach the Buckles**: Loop the ends of the straps through the buckles and secure them with rivets.
- **Attach the Straps to the Bag**: Secure the straps to the bag using rivets or by stitching.

6. Creating and Attaching the Flap
- **Cut the Flap**: Cut a piece of leather for the flap, making sure it’s large enough to cover the opening of the bag.
- **Attach the Flap**: Stitch or rivet the flap to the back of the bag.

7. Installing Closures
- **Mark and Punch Holes**: Mark where the closures (buckles, snaps, or magnetic clasps) will go on the flap and the body of the bag.
- **Install the Closures**: Attach the closures according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

8. Final Touches
- **Finish the Edges**: Burnish all remaining edges for a polished look.
- **Condition the Leather**: Apply a leather conditioner to protect and give a nice finish to the leather.

- **Practice Makes Perfect**: If you’re new to leatherworking, practice on scrap pieces of leather before working on your main pieces.
- **Use Quality Tools**: Good tools can make a significant difference in the ease and quality of your work.
- **Take Your Time**: Leatherworking requires patience and precision; don’t rush the process.

Enjoy your new leather satchel bag, crafted with your own hands!

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