Dear My Friends,
The parcle acrossed the ocean, mountains, rivers~
After thousands of miles,spent a dozen days' time to arrive~
I'm sorry to hear that you'd like to return the item.
May be you do not like the products,or we have sent the faulty items to you, or the parcle were damaged during the transportation,or the gear is not fit right,or... 
Come what will,we all have corresponding solutions for the problems above-mentioned.

Please note that return of service on the following premise:
1.ALL items returned to us must be returned in the original condition- unused and unwashed.
2.Label was NOT torn up, broken or missing.
3.Make sure that the states of the products won't influence the secondary sales of the products.
Otherwise we will not be able to accept any items for return .


When you received the gear,you found it is not the same as you have thought before.In another word,you do not like it now~
You can return the purchase in 7 days after delivery (subject to return date).
After confirming reception of the item that you've sent back to us, we will give you a full refund. You are responsible for postage cost of the returning item. 
Please be sure to contact us prior to sending your package to confirm name, address and phone number.  We recommend to use registered mail with signature to all returned items, as we is not liable for any items that's lost in the mail.


If you found the item is faulty or defective after receipt,please email us so we can make it right!
The following case are error or defect.And the freight charges will be covered by us.
(a) are or become faulty through no fault of your own;
(b) are not fit for a stated purpose or a purpose you made known to our sales staff;
(c) don't match the description for them.


If the parcle were damaged during the transit, please email us so  We could contact transportation company to solve the problem immediately.
If the gear were damaged  in the process of opening the package  because of your or others' carelessness, we will not responsible for that  ~ If you want to return and exchange, please contact us, we will try our best to meet your requirements according to the specific situation.


If you have choose the wrong size becuase of your negligence ,we won't accept the return. But if you want to exchange goods,please contact us,we will be pleased to help you.Of course,the frieghts of return to us and mail back to you will be borne by you.We will not be responsible for the lost in the process of transportation. 
If you have any other concerns about return/exchange,feel free to let me know. Contact us~

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