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Dear Customers,
 The DHL Express for 5-7 days delivered.
 The POST parcel will arrive after 10~14 days from Hong Kong to all around the world under normal circumstances. 
 The Shipping Cost:
  0.1~0.3 KG (Post)  $6     (Jewelry/Accessories)
  0.3~0.5 KG (Post)  $10   (Wallets)
  0.5~1.0 KG (Post)  $15   (Bags)
  During the first 24 hours, we will contact you to confirm the contents of the order and shipping address.During the time we contact you , you can update the order or cancel it.
  After the confirmation , we will start the bag making. Usually we needs 3 to 5 days to do this . If it's the handmade bag, it will take longer time for about 7~10 days or so. Because Vegetable Tanned Leather can be oxidation by the air and the sunshine, the color will be slowly changes too. So in order to ensure that your wallet is the original color and state, we start the wallet making according to the order.
  This shipping method is full tracked and traced. We'll send the shipping information via email to you, so you can track the parcel. Under normal circumstances,the parcel will arrive after 7 to 14 days to all around the world.
  In addition, if the packages' important status are updated, for example, delayed by the customs issues, we will mail to inform you , so that you can grasp the parcel transportation situation timely.
 There are some tips about shipping you need to know:

1. In order to timely receipt and checking your packages,we recommend you to fill out the work address rather than home address. After all, you are more likely to be at work when delivery.
2. You will not be able to change or cancel your order after parcel' sending out.
3. Please check the items to make sure they are intact after receipt. If the goods were damaged during the transit, please contact us at the first time. We will contact transportation company to solve the problem immediately.
4. Please open the package carefully. If the product were damaged  in the process of opening the package  because of your or others' carelessness, we will not responsible for that.
5. In order to better ensure the parcel can arrive successfully, and avoid accidental damage, the value of the goods will be  legally recorded by transportation company.
6. Because the customs policy is different in different countries, and the policy often changes. So your parcel may have different length of time to stay there ,and may cause some additional costs. We will contact you at the first time, so that we can solve the problems better. And all of the customs charges will be cover by you.
7. If there are natural disasters such as tsunami, earthquake, bad weather, alien invasion, meteorite hit the earth and so on,  transportation company will not compensate for the losses . And we also will not be responsible for that. 

  If you have any other questions regarding shipping, please feel free to contact us.