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We often hear the word "Vegetable Tanned Leather". Originally, "Vegetable Tanned Leather" refers to pure leather that has not been dyed and processed after being tanned with vegetable tannin. By applying various processes to the cooked leather, it can be endowed with the characteristics needed for industrial raw materials. All the Vegetable Tanned Leather Bags from

 Vegetable Tanned Leather

Some white leather, which can turn yellow or have irregular patterns caused by blood vessels and scars, is praised as the "personality" that artificial textiles do not have. This kind of leather, which can also be used as raw materials after slightly dyeing and surface treatment, is also called vegetable tanned leather.

Vegetable tanning is a traditional tanning method, which uses tannic acid extracted from plants. Tannic acid combined with collagen can make the skin more stable and soft. At present, tanning agents used in leather products are mainly plant tannic acid extracted from bark. Tanning agents mainly include Jingshu leather tanning, Jianmu tanning, chestnut tanning, tannin, black catechu tanning and Kezi tanning. Different tanning agents make different leather. The nature of tannic acid is "astringency". The component that makes persimmon astringent is tannic acid. The polyphenol that makes green tea and black tea astringent is also tannic acid. In Japan, persimmon paint has been used as anti-corrosion coating since ancient times.

Vegetable Tanned Leather

This kind of leather has strong plasticity, and it will change color due to tannic acid coloring and sunlight, and the shape and shape of leather will change with time. Under the action of tannic acid, after the leather incision is polished, the fiber texture is neat, the surface is smooth and glossy.

Vegetable Tanned Leather

The leather carefully processed with natural tanning agent has safety and high quality. In recent years, tanned leather has been well received.

Characteristics of vegetable tanned leather:
(1) High tension, good toughness
Vegetable tanned leather can be made into leather with better toughness. At present, vegetable tanned leather is still the main material for making wear-resistant and tough Harness Leather and industrial use. People have mastered the technology of making vegetable tanned leather. The techniques of oiling, calendering and vegetable tanning were mastered.

Vegetable Tanned Leather
(2) Strong plasticity
Plasticity refers to the nature that vegetable tanned leather can maintain its existing shape once its shape is changed. According to this property of vegetable tanned leather, people can make leather with good toughness that is completely consistent with the storage, and can also flexibly shape clothes and shoes that are consistent with the user's body condition, so that the user can feel the comfort brought by leather. But on the other hand, vegetable tanned leather is also known as plastic leather because of its residual defects and indentation.

Vegetable Tanned Leather
(3) Strong water absorption
Compared with chrome tanned leather, vegetable tanned leather has the advantages of good water absorption and easy to remove stains, which makes it easy to deteriorate due to the influence of moisture, and also has the advantages of easy dyeing.

Vegetable Tanned Leather
(4) Can change color over time
Vegetable tanned leather has strong plasticity and will change color with time. After a period of time, vegetable tanned leather can change into tea brown, which makes vegetable tanned leather increase its unique charm and is widely loved by the public.

Vegetable Tanned Leather
(5) Vegetable tanning takes a long time
According to the specific situation, the process of tanning raw hide to vegetable tanned leather takes several months, so the product of vegetable tanned leather is extremely time-consuming and expensive. Because of this, its output is small and its price is high.
Due to the influence of photosynthetic pressure, vegetable tanning leather will also change color with time; vegetable tanning leather has plasticity, can maintain its existing shape, and can also be carved on leather.

Vegetable Tanned Leather

Protect the tradition of vegetable tanned leather

In view of the problems of time-consuming and high cost in the process of vegetable tanning, there is a group devoted to protecting the tradition and quality of vegetable tanning.

Vegetable Tanned Leather
Italy is a big country in leather production, which accounts for more than 60% of the total European production. Among them, in Tuscany, where many tanners are gathered, traditional high-quality vegetable tanning protection activities are very popular. In order to ensure the natural quality of vegetable tanned leather with traditional technology, Italian vegetable tannage Association issued a series of standards to ensure the quality and trademark of leather products. With the certification of Italian vegetable tanning Association, the leather license with high credibility is obtained. 

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Vegetable Tanned Leather


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